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Before you do any high impact exercise like running or weights (like body pump) you need to ensure your abdominals have come back together to protect your spine. There is a simple test you can do to check. Ideally I would come and show you how to do it, if you are a member of a gym, ask who is pre and post natal trained and ask them to check for you and to show you how to do it. Until then I have found this on You Tube- I thought it was the best example and well described:

There are several exercises you can do to reduce this abdominal separation. I recommend you contact a pre and post natal trained PT, Pilates instructor or Yoga teacher to show you how to do these exercises. It is better to have someone there to correct you and talk you through it so that you can be doing them correctly. Any questions or comments let me know.


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Okay guys, thanks for joining me. I am a fully trained pre and post natal trainer with loads of experience, but if I cant see you its difficult to correct you and make these appropriate to you and your level. Please ask if you have any questions. Obviously if it doesn’t feel right, please stop. Especially if you are post-partum. If you are post-partum, please check with your doctor at your 6 week check-up that you are safe to exercise and check your Rectus Abdominus to see how that is shaping up first.

For this workout here are my notes for us all to modify this workout forĀ post-partumĀ and those starting back to exercise.

Firstly big thank you to fitsugar for putting this together.


1 side to side.

Make sure you stick your bum back as if you have two tail lights out of your bum cheeks shining backwards! While keeping your chest up make sure you feel your head extending from your shoulders. Also to increase hold some hand weights. Hold abs in at 6/10 the whole way. Go slower to ensure technique, then when you are steady on the technique quicken the pace. To get lower stick your bum out further rather than dropping your chest. If you can try and do these exercises in front of the mirror so you can self correct.

2. Lunges

If post-partum, take your time with these, ensure you can feel your abs tight at 6/10 the whole time to help with balance. Ensure you step forward with foot landing straight. Take a small step to begin with to ensure you are dropping your back knee down towards the floor. To mix it up you can lunge round the clock to ensure you are moving on all planes of motion. To do this for 30 secs just lunge with your right leg and hit the 12 points of the clock. then for the 2nd 30 seconds use the left leg. Also add weights and bring your arms in to it

3. Bicycle crunches

Post-partum keep feet on the floor if you feel your back lift up. Then progress to lifting one foot at a time with the other on the floor. Ensure you are bringing your armpits to knees rather than elbows as suggested. Keep elbows wide to keep it in the abs rather than the back.

4. Mountain climbers

Level one keep your legs back so that you keep your back straight and still and tap with alternate feet as far as you can come in. Post-partum beware of taking them too far out as your pelvis may be a bit unstable. Keep your feet closer in to startTake your time with these, its better to have good technique then to be all over the place!!

Take these at your own level- have fun!!! Report back and ask questions. Follow my boards on Pinterest if you like what you see! Oh and make sure you are wearing a similar get up to above, I know I will be…..

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