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I recently read this post;

I battle within myself about not being perfect. I mean who doesn’t? Recently I haveĀ marveledĀ at how incredibly strong my body is, how quick my mind is and how good I am at problem solving. I think not being perfect is an incredibly useful tool for our children to learn and so recently have started admitting to my daughter that I don’t know everything (that was a hard one as people who know me will understand!!) and that I can’t do everything. She recently said to me that she “loved everything I wore and I always looked so pretty” She is 3.5 and already so wise. I keep telling her that she can choose to be happy and that she has so many choices in life. I choose to listen to her and believe what she sees in me. Seeing myself through my kids eyes silences the past hurts, nastiness and regrets and allows me to be who I am and really really like that person.

Therefore my affirmation for this weekend is;


Affirmation of the week-

Since the theme of the week has been sunshine I thought I would first share these quotes to be used as affirmations for the weekend. Repeat as many times as you need to make your heart feel glad!;

Pink Rose