Energy Balls

I have a few friends who make yummy protein energy balls for themselves and their kids as snacks. There are many different recipes about. I like to make them with my daughter as she absolutely loves them. I tend to use what I have in the cupboard and am largely directed by her! This is the recipe for the ones we made this week!

1 cup peanut butter (but it can be any nut butter either home-made or shop bought- I even used half crunchy half smooth)

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1/3 cup mixed dried fruit

2tsp raw cacao powder

1 tbs coconut nectar (to taste and optional)

Ground flax to roll them in.

Add the above ingredients until the mixture is ‘dry’ enough to roll. Roll into small balls and roll in the ground flax. Refrigerate to harden. Enjoy!